Roy Jimenez, partner at Tredway Lumsdaine & Doyle LLP (TLD), recently secured a monumental victory for a leading nationwide bankcard merchant. A jury verdict awarded the firm’s longstanding client more than $13 million in damages via an unjust enrichment ruling, which found that the defendant had increased his wealth at the expense of the plaintiff. In 2007, TLD’s client, the plaintiff, retained the defendant to create a proprietary software program to assist in the management of the growing company. After signing a confidentiality agreement, the defendant was given access to the client’s business model for three years. Three months after severing ties, the defendant appeared on television, advertising confidential information obtained during his time working with the plaintiff as his own. Prior to filing legal action, the former vendor was provided with a request to cease his advertising campaign. When he refused to comply, Jimenez filed suit on behalf of his client in 2011. After several trial delays, litigation began May 5, 2014.  As a result of the brief jury trial, Jimenez, with attorney Pamela Tahim as second chair, successfully proved the defendant had stolen his client’s trade secrets, leading the jury to award the plaintiff the $13 million verdict – the bankcard merchant’s average annual revenue. “We are pleased with the jury’s decision and believe the outcome of this case is justified in protecting our client’s intellectual property,†said Roy Jimenez, TLD partner and lead attorney on the case. “California companies have a right to protect all aspects of business, and a right to defend themselves against former vendors, such as the defendant, who try to take advantage of a business-vendor relationship to increase their own profit.†To contact Roy, click here or call (877) 923-0971.  

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