Ever wonder how to protect your business by minimizing legal risk and future litigation? Many routine decisions made by business owners should be reviewed and vetted by attorneys who are looking out for the businesses’ best interests. The best way to do this is to consider having TLD Law as your general counsel. We are pleased to offer such a service. For our business owner clients, TLD Law proudly offers a general counsel type plan called TLD Law PLUS. This is a retainer based plan that offers many benefits to business owners who want to keep their legal costs controlled and have immediate access to the firm’s attorneys for any matter as they may arise in the course and scope of business and even in life. TLD Law PLUS offers clients access to the firm’s trusted legal partners and associates for advice on many types of legal concerns that may arise during a typical business day for a fixed quarterly retainer fee. This retainer fee includes unlimited phone access and e-mail questions to the most appropriate attorney for the particular legal issue as well as brief document review up to an hour of such document review per quarter. For more complex projects, matters or advice, TLD Law PLUS clients will receive a custom-tailored strategy for the work to be done and the work will be completed at reduced hourly rates. TLD Law PLUS offers your business, no matter it size, with on-demand, expert legal counsel at a budgeted cost. In addition to ongoing access to legal counsel and preferred hourly rates, these clients will enjoy a la carte services, which can include:
  • Annual Board Meeting Attendance
  • Review of Legal Contracts and Documents
  • Training Seminars in Employment Law, Estate Planning or even Medical Issues
  • Development of Employee Manual, Policies and Handbooks
  • Assistance with Legal HR Issues like Employment Hiring and Firing Decisions with Appropriate Documentation
  • Collections Analysis and Demand Letters
  • Corporate Compliance and Cyber Security Compliance
TLD Law PLUS offers clients the best of both worlds: around-the-clock access to experienced attorneys for any civil or corporate business issue without concern about hourly rates plus an option for expanded legal services at reduced rates. TLD Law PLUS clients will be asked to sign a retainer agreement and commit to payment of a quarterly fixed retainer amount. Alternative Fee Arrangements At TLD Law, we realize the importance of efficiency, predictability, and the need to share the risk involved in legal services. We work with our clients to create alternative fee arrangements based on their needs. Every situation is different, and we want to provide flexibility. Our ultimate goal is to provide fee arrangements that offer value to our clients. Some alternative fee arrangements we can offer, depending on the type of matter, include:
  • Fixed fees
  • Blended rates
  • Capped fees
  • Holdbacks
If you want to learn more about this feature, please contact TLD Law. We would be happy to visit your business or meet with you in one of our office locations to describe the plan and prepare a proposal for your inclusion as a TLD Law Plus client.
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