At TLD Law, we know appeals.  We handle all types of civil appeals, including appeals from both interlocutory orders and judgments, in both state and federal courts of appeals.  We have zealously and successfully represented clients in appeals involving diverse practice areas, including business, contracts, real estate, employment, trust and probate, and family law litigation.

Our appellate department also has extensive trial court litigation experience in each of these practice areas, which enhances our ability to identify potential error and to competently argue for or against claimed error on appeal.  Even before an appeal is taken, in circumstances where an appeal of a particular order or judgment is contemplated or reasonably foreseeable, we are brought in to assist and consult trial counsel to best position the case for success on appeal.  Many appeals are won and lost because of seemingly small but significant decisions made or neglected by trial counsel.

Our experience with appeals allows us to help trial counsel with those decisions in order to preserve rights and arguments on appeal.  Whether you are already involved in an appeal or are contemplating an appeal, we hope you will consider TLD Law for all your appellate needs.

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