Tax & Asset Planning

The legal aspects of tax and asset planning require resourceful practitioners with the right educational background and experience. Senior partner and founder Mark C. Doyle heads this practice area for TLD Law. Mark earned the highly regarded Tax LL.M. (a Masters degree in Tax Law) with High Distinction at Loyola Law School of Los Angeles in 2005.

Death and Taxes

Both are unavoidable. Yet, there are still ways that our firm’s tax attorneys can help mitigate the tax ramifications following the death of those lucky enough to have business or personal assets they can pass on to their successors or heirs. After helping our clients do advanced planning for all types of taxation for over five decades, we feel a high degree of confidence in this practice area, paying careful attention to the changes in tax laws as they occur. We counsel our clients on the minimization of estate taxes (also known as “death taxes”), capital gains and corporate taxes, real property taxes, and state and local taxes.

The strategies and tools available to us are varied but effective if drafted and activated before it’s “too late.” Generally speaking, we urge our clients in their fifties (or even earlier with our high-income clients) to start using these and other vehicles to tip the tax laws in your favor:

  • Gifting of Interest 
  • Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trusts (QTIPs) 
  • Charitable remainder trusts 
  • Charitable lead trusts 
  • Qualified Personal Resident Trusts (QPERTs) 
Corporations and Individuals

TLD Law counsels both corporations and individuals on how to structure and minimize the tax impacts of exiting a business, such as a stock purchase sale, asset sale, installment sale of a business, and gifting strategies before retirement by the owner. All are designed to reduce the tax burden to the individual or the corporation.

We advise corporate and individual clients with recommendations for the proper vehicle or entity (e.g., LLC, Partnership, or otherwise) to use for acquiring or purchasing assets to save tax dollars upon sale.


For more information about business or individual tax and asset planning issues, please contact TLD Law for a consultation.

Don’t wait until it’s “too late.”

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