Statewide Rent Control Going into Effect


Assembly Bill 1482 goes into effect January 1, 2020 creating statewide rent control in California.  Landlords will now be limited to increasing rent by 5% plus inflation per year.  Landlords will also be limited when they can evict a tenant, if the tenant has lived in the unit for a year or more.  AB 1482 does not apply, however, to all landlords and does allow eviction for cause.  AB 1482 does not apply to single family homes/condos unless owned by a corporation or investment company.  AB 1482 does not apply to units built in the last 15 years.  Landlords can still evict tenants for failure to pay rent or just cause.  In the event the eviction is no-fault of the tenant, but the landlord has just cause to evict, the landlord will be required to pay relocation costs or waive rent. Other restriction and exemptions apply.  If you have difficult tenants or underpriced units, you should consult with TLD before the new law takes effect. Need to know more? Contact Roy Jimenez, Esq.

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