Online Estate Plans, Be Prepared to be Disappointed!

With everyone buying and selling on the internet, estate plans are now available for purchase online. Some are so cheap it makes going to see an estate planning attorney a joke. Why would you? Why would you pay more if you can get the same thing for less? Well, you can stop right there! As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Nothing beats meeting in person with a qualified estate planning attorney to discuss your assets and wealth, intended for distribution upon your death! Come on, do you really think a template online is going to be sufficient to legally determine what happens to your assets after your death? What if there are issues with, have you considered that your children or beneficiaries will have to face litigation in court? If the estate plan is not in good standing, probate litigation will most likely have to happen and all this because you decided to go for a cheap estate plan on the internet! TLD Law is a very reputable law firm in Long Beach, California with offices also in Downey, Irvine and Beverly Hills. We are a law firm that concentrates, in various areas of law and they also have a great team of estate planning attorneys who work very closely with their clients to ensure every facet of an individual’s life is captured in a legal document to keep the family out of probate court. Admittedly from a price perspective, meeting with an attorney at TLD Law is not going to be comparable with an online estate planning service. But you may be surprised at how affordable an attorney drafted estate plans can be in comparison to the a la carte pricing with the online websites. However, you will get a more robust, professional and solid estate plan that is customized to your situation, protecting your family, wealth, assets and making the distribution of assets and wealth upon your death a lot easier. Matters that should concern you:

  • Laws from the Federal Government and the State of California concerning estate taxes and how to plan to avoid such taxes
  • What if your children get divorced, have creditor problems or make bad decisions with their inheritance you leave for them?
  • If you have a blended family, are you thinking of leaving something behind for your step children? Children in blended families can accidentally be disinherited or included when that’s not your intent.
  • What if your child has an addiction problem? Will the estate plan be designed to help the child or hurt the child?
  • Special needs beneficiaries are entitled to government benefits, could they lose any of the government benefits should they inherit the money outright?
These are few issues to seriously consider and it has caused many to face horror stories, regret and most importantly devastating financial implications for the beneficiaries. The first consult at TLD Law is complimentary, here are some things you can do before embarking meeting with us:
  1. Call into our office at 877-923-0971 and make an appointment with any of our estate planning attorneys.
  2. Prepare for your meeting and have an, open and honest discussions with the attorney. Everything is treated with confidentiality.
  3. Come to the meeting with an open mind; be prepared to listen to what the restrictions there are with California Law.
  4. Be prepared also to listen to methods an estate plan can be created for you to safeguard your specific family situation.
  5. Mentally prepare yourself to think of end of life, this is very hard to do and talking about it can be depressing, but this is part of our life cycle and planning for it is somewhat inevitable.
  6. Once our attorneys draft up your estate plan, take your time to review it, ask questions if you have concerns. Be fully equipped so you can inform your family of the content of the estate plan.
  7. Make sure you have a fire proof safe or container at home ready so you can place the original documents in there for safe keeping.
Should you still decide to go with a low cost online estate plan, just make sure you keep our contact details should there be a problem you need litigated in court – just be prepared to pay a lot more in stress, dollars and time.  

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