Do You Need an Executor?

A common question that is often asked as people saunter through life is do I need an executor? Well, I am sure it is not something that you ask yourself all the time…. but you do need documents to be drafted and signed by you to ensure that if something bad happens to you – you have named people that can act for you.  If you create a will in California, the person that you name to handle your affairs when you die is your Executor. A will in California does not avoid probate. So people in California will also create a living trust or a revocable trust (these terms mean the exact same thing) and this is how you can avoid probate in California. The person you name in your trust to handle your affairs when you die is called a Successor Trustee. It can be confusing if you need a will or a trust. The best way to find out exactly what you need and why is to take us up on our complimentary consultations for these matters. We can be reached at (877) 923-0971 for Los Angeles County clients and (949) 756-0684 for Orange County clients.  

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