Year-End Estate Planning Checklist


2020 is on the horizon! It’s time to do a mental refresher of your estate plan to see if your estate plan needs to be updated.

  • Do you have new family members? Does your will name appropriate guardians for minor children?
  • Do you have more assets? Did you move or buy more properties? Are they vested in your trust? Do you need to update your trust schedule of assets?
  • Do you have an existing AB trust? Do you know how they work and have you reviewed whether you need an AB trust in light of the much higher federal estate tax exemption amount?
  • Are your children now adults? Is it time to update your estate plan to allow them to make decisions for mom and dad in case something happens?
If you answered “yes†to any of the questions above, it’s probably time to update your estate plan. Contact an attorney from our Estate Planning team by calling 562-923-091, or emailing Mention this e-blast and receive a free consultation. Jennifer Sawday, Esq. Monica Goel, Esq. Jennifer Lumsdaine, Esq. Lauren Doyle, Esq. Megan Moghtaderi, Esq. Mark Doyle, Esq.  

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